[Zimbra] Instruction to import list user into Mail Server

You are deploying an email service for your enterprise and there are plenty of users need to be added to the mail server.

This article will show you how to import list user into Mail Server through an XML file.

Step 1: Create an XML file

<password>password admin</password>
<displayName>The Dai</displayName>
<!– Repeat the script above to add another user –>

Use notepad to save this script as a file ending with .xml extension.

Parameters you need to note:

<serverName> :Replace with your mail.domain
<adminSSLEnabled> : Replace with 0 if there is SSL Certificate
<port>: your mail server port. By default: 7071
<domain>: replace with your domain
<sn>: Username
<givenName>:  Last name
<displayName>: Full name
<RemoteEmailAddress>: User account
<password>: Password
<zimbraPasswordMustChange>: Prompt user to change password on first login

Step 2: Login to Mail Server with admin account and import

Follow steps below:


Review your options then press Next.

Choose Import from an XML file then Next.

Browse the XML file you create at step 1.

You have successfully imported the list into the mail server.

Press F5 to refresh the browser to check if users are added.

Good luck.

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