[Zimbra] Instruction to add an Email Account


To send an email with your domain, you have to create an Email Account with your own domain in Zimbra.

In this article, we will illustrate how to create an Email Account in Zimbra

Create an Email Account in Zimbra

Step 1: Choose [1] Home the click [2] Manage


Step 2: At the top right of the user interface, click [1] Settings and then[2] New to create an Email Account


Step 3: Enter your information at [1] General Information with required fields: [2] Account Name and [3] Last Name

In case your mail server has different domains, please adjust suitably the field after “@”.


Under “Account Name” section is Account Setup, ensure you have chosen Active and enable password for the Account.

To grant Administrative permission to your user, tick Global Administrator.


Lastly, select Time Zone and Notes (if any) for your Account then press Next to continue.


Step 4: Enter your contact information such as: phone number, company, job title,… in Contact Information then press Next to continue.


Step 5: Adjust Alias Account, Distribution List or Email Forward at AliasesMember OfForwarding.

Step 6: You can limit user’s function like Change Webmail interface, Change Password, Filter Mail, POP3/IMAP Access, … at Features (Default settings are located at COS, you can skip this step).


Step 7: You can change others Webmail’s option such as: Themes, Preferences, Zimlets (Default settings are located at COS, you can skip this step).

Step 8: You can configure Account’s quota and others options at Advanced.


Step 9: Select Finish.


After you press finish, your Email Account is created in Zimbra Mail Server.



In this article, we have shown you how to create a Zimbra Email Account.

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